Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To Cut Or Keep?

I posted on Instagram the other day that I was having this internal (lol, and eternal) debate with myself on whether or not I should cut my hair off. 

I've been talking myself in and out of it for months… and months. 

It gets in the way a lot. Breckie's fingers get tangled in it a lot. It gets really, really hot in the Summer. 

Every reason to cut it, right?

But it took SO long to grow. It's pretty. I like the way it looks. I don't think I look great with short hair. 

Every reason to keep it, right?

So I posted this on Instagram and these are the comments I got from my friends:

Geeze. It's like a 3-way tie between chop it, keep it, and the blessed souls that said I'd look good either way.

I looked online for a LOOOOONG time at hair cuts that I'd love to have. 

The problem was… I'd find one that I loved but then I'd find the same haircut on someone else and I suddenly didn't like it as much. 

Then I decided that I better just look at haircuts for my face shape. I concluded that I either have an oval or square face.

According to the square face, it's suggested that you avoid short haircuts. I found a few square-faced short haircuts online and stuck my face on theirs :)


The first two, without question, would look awful. I think I could handle the second two. (The last one is pretty much the exact haircut I had when Jake and I were engaged and it was pretty cute.)

After looking for a while, I decided that I had a similar face shape to Jessica Alba and then starting swapping in my face with her hair:

Even though I didn't do an amazing job with the face swapping (lol, or even a good job!), I concluded that I better keep the long locks. I think I look better that way. 

And I decided that she looks better with long hair too :)

I'm glad I decided not to do anything crazy. I really was obsessing over this girl's hair. I still LOVE it but I doubt I could pull it off… and I'd hate to cute off 4+ years of hair to find out!

I'll keep the long hair for now. I think I'll get a few hair bands and accessories to keep it cute while it's in a pony tail all Summer. 


  1. Glad you made a decision! Does hair really take that long to grow? I guess I have super quick growing hair cause I swear my hair will be back to the same length my the end of this yr lol-- I love my long hair more than my short but it's been totally fun having something new. I love that you obsessed to the point of putting your face on celebrities lol

  2. Oh my gosh, those face swaps are AWESOME!!! I remember seeing you with the short hair in old pictures you had up and it was cute too. That last 'do is cute but (especially with kids) it would probably be hard to commit to all the styling you'd have to do. See how much volume? She probably has thicker hair, uses a ton of volume products, and blow dries upside down every day. If you would be up to it, your face looks cute on it though lol ;)

  3. Next time I wanna cut MY hair, I'm going to make you do all that face swapping for me lololol! SO awesome! Every time I wanna chop mine I just go for a few inches with some added layers and it seems to take a little weight off. But I'm with you. I've been debating cutting mine again (don't tell Lee) and it makes you CRAZY! ---but seriously, I really think you could pull ANYTHING off. You just have that personality and look.