Tuesday, March 11, 2014

12 Months… Birthday Girl

Breckie girl is one today!

I don't even know what to say about her anymore.

She's funny, a little sassy, super good, and I think she's soooo beautiful. She's just perfect.

She really likes books… that pink one in particular. She also really likes that little white bunny and a bigger pink one that was given to her when she was a newborn.

We just started putting shoes on her and when they fall off she tries to put them back on. She stands up great and takes a few steps when she's feeling brave. She'll learn to walk ALL on her own… she doesn't like walker-type toys. 

She'll give you the stare-down… she's really good at it!

She can handle 10 minute car rides but nothing longer. She gets MAAAAADD!

She doesn't have a pacifier or blanket but she's pretty attached to her bumper pad. I've never heard of a kid that loves their bumper pad! She won't sleep without it and plays with the strings on it. 

She's got to have some sort of future in modeling or cheerleading or something… check her out!!


She's just full of life and makes us all so happy!!

 photo breckiefaces_zpsc22fb878.gif

Happy birthday Breck-a-licious!