Thursday, March 27, 2014

Birthday Girls

Zion and Breckie are only 5 days apart and Zion's mom happens to be a photographer… so she did a little BFF photoshoot of the two birthday girls!

These pictures are priceless. 

The one on the left is one of my favorites. Breckie LOVES to flip through books. 

And she is always sitting just like this!

The upper right picture is pretty much my favorite picture ever. 

These were taken on Zion's birthday (March 6th) and I was so bummed because I didn't think Breckie smiled for a single picture so I went home and took these. Turns out she did smile for a few but I love all of the other pictures even more. They are SO Breckie. Cute, sweet, curious, serious, concerned… I LOVE them!


  1. Oh my gosh; I LOVE all her expressions; especially the ones where she looks so serious! I want grandbabies so bad and checking out all your family pics only increases that NEEEED. I'll just vent here so my poor kids won't feel anymore pressure. lol

  2. she is just too sweet!