Sunday, March 16, 2014

Breckie's Birthday Party

We threw a party for Breckie on Saturday. 

It was like a 1 year birthday/backyard BBQ with friends. There were 4 other families that celebrated with us: 10 adults and 14 kids in total.

We had hamburgers, veggies, baked potato salad, chips, lemonade, cupcakes, and ice cream. 

We played a version of dart balloons (throwing bean bags at balloons that get pushed into a tacks)...

Ping pong toss and ring toss. We also did bubbles and our backyard was a true toy explosion.

Then we let Breckie dig into her giant cupcake. 

I lit the candle and then Breckie wanted to grab it!

After we sang to her she just poked at the frosting for a second and then...

Haha, she's so awesome!


Honestly, I think Breckie loved the party. She loved all of the kids and attention and half of the time she just walked around checking everything out. She started walking two days ago and it's the cutest thing! She is so careful and hardly ever falls. A true little lady. 

It didn't even cross my mind to get a group picture of all the kids (I really wish I would have!!) but it was a really fun party and lots of people were there (even though you can't tell in any of the pictures!!) and everyone had a good time.  

When it was all said and done I think both of our kids had the same expression on their faces :)

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