Thursday, March 13, 2014


We are having a little party for Breckie on Saturday but couldn't let her real birthday go un-celebrated! I made a little cake and gathered all the birthday gifts that were sent from family (THANK YOU!!!).

Breckie was mad when Jake put in her highchair but he has a way with making her so happy… Breckie just ADORES her daddy! That's who she was smiling for during her 'one year' pictures :) 

We sang happy birthday and let Everett blow out the candle and then Breckie got to work!

We let Everett open his present that Grandma Berner sent (she's so smart!!) so he could show Breckie how it's done :)

(Thank you Pam. He played with them the rest of the night!)

Then it was Breckie's turn to open presents. 

She opened Anna from Frozen. Her reaction was so funny. At first it was:

"um… who's that"

"There's a baby in this box..."

And then she started laughing and hitting the box and trying to get the doll. It was honestly the cutest thing!

Jake and I got her a piggy bank and a little water baby. I feel like the picture of her looking down at her new baby doll is exactly what I was doing one year ago!

And then we put her in her new pajamas and sent her to bed. 

It was really cute to see how much she loved her new presents and it was fun to celebrate Breckie. She's such a special little girl to us!

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  1. hahaha the Um who's that face" Looks like Jake. 100% She is so so soooo cute. We miss you guys. Give Everest and Breckie a Squeeze from the Coatney's!