Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Even though it's completely exhausting and such hard work, I couldn't imaging being a mom to these cute little people without playing with them like I do. 

I know this stage in my life won't last forever (which I am so grateful for :) so I am more than happy to build a hundred sand castles just to be stomped on and go for bike rides and scooter rides and play Mr. Potato Head and Cars and Playdoh… and since Breckie got a tea set for her birthday, Everett is all about playing "food" and it's adorable. 

Some days I do wish I were the mom that could sit on the park bench and watch her kids play or to just tell them to "go play" but for the most part I'm glad I'm right there playing with them... because they won't be this little forever. 

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  1. I am the same as you tyrell, always playing. Sometimes I wish I was like others that just cleaned and did whatever while their kids play but I feel so guilty doing that so I am always hauling the kids places to play and down making chalk pictures with them. It's worth it though.