Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shirt Pants

Everett has been so independent lately. It's nice coming from a kid we've had to do everything for for sooooo long. 

After learning how to buckle himself into his own carseat… it's putting on his own clothes. On Sunday he took off the clothes that he could and then picked out some clothes to wear. We could hear him up in his room grunting and making all kinds of noises. Then he came out:

LOL, he couldn't get his "pants" on! Jake and I laughed for a looong time!
(It'a a long sleeves 'long johns' shirt)

And apparently he had a little boy itch, too. 

But man, what a cute little model we have!


  1. Ok, so funny that you mention him grunting. Yesterday Maddox went to change, and REFUSED to let me help. And man, that kid was grunting, and straining, and sounded seriously in a hot mess lol. --Everett is SO SO SO cute!