Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thing Worth Mentioning

Breckie turns one in a few days. 

My elbow is getting better but it's still a LONG ways from being normal. The bruises look pretty gnarly. 

Everett grew up tons in the last few weeks. 
1. Rides his balance bike really well
2. Opens and closes his car door
3. Completely buckles himself into his carseat (wahoo!!)
4. Is eating meat! (when bribed with dessert)
5. Does his worksheets at preschool (he used to be naughty and tell his teacher NO)
6. Goes to the bathroom 100% by himself and even closes the door :) so cute!

I got a hair cut and decided to keep in long. And we caught the grill on fire. Jake actually had to use the fire extinguisher… for the second time.

I accidentally broke the screen on my phone… again. It's almost as bad as the last one. It was just meant to be, I guess.

I've been so anxious to build shelves in the playroom. Maybe this Summer. 

Breckie likes to eat pancakes in the squatty potty position on the floor...

We went to Sonic tonight for dinner. It was perfect. Literally. Perfect. 

Then we went on a family bike ride and Breckie zonked out. 

We accidentally left the garage door open a few nights ago… all night… and nothing got stolen. I honestly couldn't be more grateful since I already feel like we were robbed (stinkin' elbow!). 

I've also been planning Breckie's birthday party and I deleted over 3,000 pictures off the computer tonight. It's getting a little slow. 

And that's it. 

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  1. My favorite part is Jake brushing his teeth in the elbow picture like "What's Tyrell doing over there?"