Sunday, March 23, 2014

While You Were Gone

Jake, you were gone for 3 days so I just wanted to fill you in on all that happened. 

Watched Frozen 5 times
Peed in our bed
And was really naughty at times

Puked in the kitchen
Stuck her hand in her poopy diaper
And refused to go to bed one night

Decided two kids is plenty
Want to throw out all of the baby stuff
Need a vacation

And to pay you back for missing out on all the fun, Breckie puked allllllll over you (and Everett) in church today. So I brought the kids home like this:

Welcome home :)


  1. We've all been there!! It's so frustrating!!! All I have to say is you are one of the best moms I know. You spend time with your kids and play with them and love them! If you have only two that's okay!!! Don't feel pressure for more. Sometimes two is plenty and if we are a better mom with just two its okay! I miss you

  2. Oh look how satisfied she looks with herself. She just wanted to get out of church. Sneaky little girl!