Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Picnic

We made our way up to Glendale for an Easter picnic with my Dad and Kelly yesterday morning. We had SUCH a good time.

My Dad gave a little Easter lesson and then we headed to the park for a picnic. 

My Dad has fond memories of his family Easter picnics when he was a kid. He said that some years they would have it in the desert and some years it was in the mountains but every year they had fried chicken and baked beans. 

Well, we didn't have fried chicken and baked beans but we did have a delicious lunch and an egg hunt afterwards. 

Breckie got a thorn stuck in her shoe so she abandoned her bucket and played on the slide with her Grandparents instead.

Meanwhile, Everett was busy counting his eggs….

Later we went across the street and fed the ducks… and pigeons, fish, geese, and turtles!

After a while we went back to Kelly's house and played Candyland and Kelly brought out some of her vintage little tikes toys. The kids loved them! We had such a good time. Everett was SO sad to go home!!

This morning we went to church and Breckie puked all over Jake for the third Sunday in a row. Luckily we made it through the first hour but I was sad Everett would miss his Easter lesson in primary. But he was tired and whiny and was being pretty naughty anyways. 

Later we went to the park to have one last egg hunt to hide some things that the other grandparents sent. 

It was pretty warm and time to head home so we took our family Easter picture….

Haha, at least it catches real life moments. 

(Lucky kids have such good grandparents!!)

Easter is always a special time when we get together with family and celebrate Christ's resurrection. This year was no different; in fact, it was probably one of our best Easters yet!

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