Monday, April 7, 2014

Her Room... 1 Year Later

Do you ever wonder what baby nurseries look like 1 year later?!

Everything starts out so PERFECT. And then the baby gets bigger and bigger and then pretty much turns into a kid a year later and things don't look so magical anymore!.. like the bumper pad. 

Breckie never had a pacifier or a special blanket… she has a bumper pad, lol! She won't sleep without it and snuggles up in it and plays with the ribbons as she falls asleep. She twists them and rubs them on her face…

She also spins her mobile and tangles it up… there are always little finger smears on the mirror and she has pulled all of the flowers that she can off the wall (even after I HOT GLUED them on the wall!!)

 Not to mention the feather pillow losing feathers by the handful and the new curtain Jake put up :)

But I untangle the mobile, wash her sheets and bumper pad, take down the 'curtain' Jake put up that "helps her sleep in" fluff her pillow and it's like a brand new room! I did put up a cute new shelf in her room and added a bucket of her blankets… so I guess not everything is worse. 

Soon enough she'll be in a bed and out of her crib and I'll be re-doing her room anyways!

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