Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Surrender

Besides Everett being a punk about preschool, Breckie sure is making up for being so cute her first year. 

She's been pretty naughty. 

Breckie is old enough now to know that Everett doesn't want her to play with his toys… so they fight a lot. 

The other day I was just done. So I was laying on the playroom floor. I had surrendered and I wasn't going to do ANYTHING for the rest of the night. Breckie wanders off and I can hear her banging something on the bathroom floor but I don't even care. A few minutes later she walks into the playroom with the toilet cleaner wand in her mouth. 


Earlier that day Everett tried flushing an entire roll of toilet paper. For real. 

Today Breckie was eating a strawberry and then crawled up the stairs with the strawberry in her hand…. she stamped every carpeted stair with strawberry on her way up. 

This was only after Everett peed the bed (for the 5th time in a month) and Breckie pooped in hers… which she has also done at least 5 times. 

Plus is was really hot today and both kids here bright red in the face so I'm worried we'll have to escape town for weeks at a time just to survive… (and I have no idea how I'll do that since Breckie is naughty in the car.) 

All of these things are so very, very small but for some reason two kids is totally kicking my trash lately. It makes me wonder how any mom ever makes it to 3… or 4 or 5??!


  1. I have to admit I laughed out loud when you said Beckie had the toliet wand in her mouth.. Easton did that too. I think it just builds their immunity lol. Love you tyrell!

  2. Surrendering is awesome. Because you just have to do that sometimes. One time I did and I knew Livvy was somewhere she wasn't suppose to be, so finally I went to find her and she had been playing in the toilet, full of pee. From the boys who never flush. That was definitely a mom fail. But she survived, right? And yeah, total immunity builder haha. Even though Breckie is naughty she sure is cute. I just want to squeeze those little legs. And also, the preschool thing is okay because school is almost over for the summer anyway, right? Right.

  3. I stumbled on your blog through a friend as I searched for mommy blogs. I love reading it because as a first time mom, your honesty about motherhood is what everyone should hear more often. You don't fluff around; you tell it as it is. I just wanted to say you do amazing incredible work, and if you lived in WA I would love to do play dates with your adorable kids. Take care momma, and surrender whenever you need to!

  4. Hey, WA DOES have 2 nice months a year... ;)