Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Preschool Problems

Life sure is giving me a run for my money lately. 

I haven't felt like this since the last time I broke up with a high school boyfriend. 

Everett had a two week spring break and then the first day back at school they had a St. Patrick's day party. 

After only two more days of school he started complaining that he didn't want to go to school. Then on Monday he pouted the whole way to school and then cried for the first 5 minutes of school. 

When I picked him up he was happy and his teacher even showed me how he wrote his entire first name for the first time. It was so good!!

But since he's been throwing such fits about school we decided to quit and I am so sad about it. 

It's been a few days and now I feel like I made a giant mistake…. that my kid learned how to manhandle me. I think he just didn't like going because his teacher actually made me do stuff (like learn to write his name and use scissors correctly). As a first time parent I'm bound to make millions of mistakes but for some reason I just feel SOOOOOOOOO bad about this. 

It's tearing me up!!

(And I know he isn't even 4 and I shouldn't be so concerned BUT I know he's learning how to manipulate situations to get what he wants and now I think that's exactly what he did with preschool.)

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