Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Sometimes if we're out by Jake's office (AKA shopping at Target) around dinner time we'll just swing by and pick Jake up and get something to eat. 

The other day it was In-N-Out. 

(My first In-N-Out experience in Chandler was not the best. I wandered why everyone raved about In-N-Out they way they do. Then one opened up by Jake's office and gave it a second chance. Glad we did. Even Everett ate half a burger (after I scraped every last bit of melted cheese off of it) and we had to order another burger for Breckie.)

Yesterday it was Chipotle; in honor of cinco de mayo…. even though I'm not sure how much it actually counts as Mexican!

Our burrito bowls : mine, Jakes, Breckies… and Everett's, haha!

After dinner we played at the park and the weather was SOOOO perfect. And our kids both played and laughed and it was just a good, good night. I love when that happens. 

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