Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Effie's Graduation & Our Awful Trip to CO

One of my younger sisters graduated highschool a few days ago so we took a road trip to CO to see her graduate. 

I'm not a big fan of road trips but Jake loves them.

But I think this trip changed his mind.

We left Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm hoping that the kids would sleep most of the 9 hour drive. Everett did AMAZING. Honestly, the best.

Breckie, on the other hand, was a MONSTER.

A monster that wouldn't sleep and puked her guts out three hours into the trip. And I forgot the wipes. And trash bags. So Jake cleaned it the best he could with blankets and pillowcases.

We finally got to CO at 2 am losing an hour due to the time change. 

Everett slept great but Breckie DIDN'T EVER FALL ASLEEP!!!!! She literally was up until 9 am the next morning. 

She slept for 5 hours that morning while we unpacked and my youngest siblings went to school. 

That night was Effie's graduation awards ceremony. 

She pretty much got one of every award out there. 
Graduated with honors
National Honors Society
Highest grade in most of her classes
And something like $48,000 in scholarships… not including her tuition paid scholarship from BYU
She is so smart and determined and she deserves every good thing coming her way. 

That night Breckie woke up at 2 am. WIDE AWAKE. She was literally rolling around, slapping our faces, holding on the headboard jumping… so we got up. Jake and I were about to die from sleep deprivation. 

The next day we went to the fish hatchery. 

It was pretty fun to see Everett and Breckie feed the fish. 

We had some Serious Texas BBQ for lunch and then just hung out the rest of the day. 

That night Breckie woke up at 3 am. Puked. Then had a bath and then we played in the kitchen trying to be quiet while everyone else slept. Then she napped from 5-7 am. Her only nap. 

Saturday we just hung out. 

Our grandparents got into town, we went to Braxton's baseball game, and then we all went out to eat. Breckie was a BEAST. Everett ate french fries and diet coke. We are amazing parents. 

Jake and I thought that for sure we would be able to sleep that night. Breckie woke up at 10 pm. She finally went back to sleep at midnight and then Everett woke up at 2 and I ended up sleeping on the couch with him. Those were the best 4 hours of sleep I'd had in 4 days!

We decided that our kids and vacation just don't mix well. At all. 

Sunday afternoon was graduation. We took a few pictures before Effie had to leave. 

I love how I am 9 and 13 years older than my sisters… but I'm the shortest one… and I'm the only one wearing heals!

The graduation ceremony was pretty fun. 

Their class motto was "May the odds ever be in your favor" (from the book/movie Hunger Games.) 

Effie's speech was awesome. I laughed and cried. At the end of her speech she held up three fingers and everyone in her class did it back to her. Someone even did the whistle… just like in the movie. It was amazing.

There was a slideshow of their senior and baby pictures and after the slideshow they did a little flash mob with glow sticks. It was the coolest graduations ceremony I've ever been too!

We took some family pictures when we got home.  

(While we were all together we got a picture with the 4 generations.)  

 Everett was graduating preschool the next afternoon so we packed up and headed for home around 4:30. 

Breckie slept for 20 minutes and then screamed for the next hour and a half. Jake and I kept thinking that surely she would pass out any second. That little girl wants to be our last kid soooooooo bad. 

She ended up puking in the car on the way home. We just expect it now. 

Everett slept. He did amazing again. We drove through a few small dust storms… that was pretty cool. 

We took a wrong turn… that wasn't very cool. 

Breckie puked again and I literally was so mad I wanted to punch something. Or throw myself into oncoming traffic. 

I was irate. 

It's awful for so many reasons. It stinks, we have to clean it up, change her clothes, worry about what is wrong with her, remind her to chew her food and the worst part of all it that it's really scary to watch your kid gag and puke so much. She stops breathing and it just looks so painful. 

And by this time it was dark and cold. 

I was crying tears of pure madness and frustration (and exhaustion). I decided that having kids takes you to your highest highs and lowest lows. I was feeling pretty low and wanted to donate her to someone who could use a beautiful barfing machine. 

She finally fell asleep after 7 hours.

We made it home. Barely, though. 

I'm glad we were able to see Effie graduate and celebrate this exciting time in her life. She was worth the drive and sleepless nights. 

Congratulations Effie!!!


  1. I'm sorry.... This sounds awful... But memories right? And you guys are dang good parents-/ diet coke and fries is legit.

  2. Why does she puke so much?!?! Does she make herself because she's so upset? Thats what Livvy has done on occasion. Does she gag herself with her food? She is always puking! She IS a barf machine. But she is a very cute barf machine. So good job SURVIVING the trip! And even enjoying some of it. If it makes you feel any better I enjoyed reading about your cute little barf machine. . .