Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Everett Turns 4

Everett has really been into Rescue Bots (kids cartoon) and Transformers (the 'big kids' movie) for a while now. So I thought a Rescue Bot themed birthday would be fun for him. 

This morning we kept telling him "happy birthday!" but wasn't really super excited. I said "Everett, today is your birthday. Today you turn 4!" and then I understood what was wrong when he said "But where's my cake?"

There were balloons and a banner but no cake so it wasn't his birthday yet!

We went swimming and to the park this morning and then I let him play games on the computer… for 3 hours!!! 

Jake got home at 2 and then my dad and Kelly came at 3. That's when the party started! We played duck duck goose and then Candyland. 

Last night I asked Everett what he wanted for his birthday (meaning what gift) and he said "rice and meatballs." It was the weirdest thing!!! We have NEVER had rice and meatballs. I have NEVER even made meatballs! So Jake stopped by the store to buy some rice and meatballs before he came home from work. I made him rice and meatballs and the rest of us had hamburgers, corn on the cob, and cantaloupe. 

When I showed him his cake this afternoon he was way excited!

Then he got to open presents and play with his new toys. 

He got the 5 Rescue Bots that he didn't have and two soccer nets. 

*Custom wrapping paper :)

I love seeing him so happy!

I can hardly believe Everett is 4!

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