Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Everett's Graduation

Everett graduated preschool on Monday. 

They sang a few songs for the parents and then Mrs Maggie graduated them!

They got to have cupcakes, graduation hat cookies and punch afterwards. 

Mrs Maggie made the cutest invitations and even made a diploma for them. 

I have two diaper boxes full of Everett's preschool creations from this year. I might just have to pick my favorites and make a little scrapbook for him. 

Everett has improved so much this year. There are still things he says that I can't understand sometimes (and he gets SO mad) but I am so proud of him!

*This was his speech therapy school. He was in an additional preschool for most of the year but didn't want to go a few months ago. I was pretty upset about it but eventually got over it!

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