Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Four Real

I don't really get sad or too sentimental on my kids' birthdays but for some reason I feel like now that Everett is 4 he's not so little anymore. 

He has his own opinions and interests and it's getting harder and harder to persuade him. He's 100% more independent than he was a year ago.  

Favorite colors: yellow, red, pink

Favorite movies: Transformers and Chipmunks

Favorite cartoon: Rescue Bots

 He still likes to play with his Cars but now he is a little more interested in figurines and Mr. Potato Head than trains. He loves electronics and it's already a big problem. That's just all he wants to do somedays (but I don't let him and it's usually a hard day!) 

He is sweet and caring. He's getting better about not being so picky with food (still very picky though). 

He is nice to Breckie and loves her… but she better not touch his Rescue Bots or Cars!! 

He still fights bedtime like a ninja and doesn't sleep very much (only about 8 hours a day). 

He isn't mischievous but goes through waves of pure naughtiness sometimes. 

He is fascinated with potty talk. 

In fact, Jake got him to smile by asking him to say "poopy cheese"

He's pretty sensitive but still BOY, see:

We love Everett so much! We couldn't imagine life without such a special little dude!

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