Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hot Gogs & Hamamurgers

Breckie Everett got some play dishes for Breckie's birthday so we've been making each other lunch with Playdoh. 

He always makes me a hot gog and a hamamurger. 

And then we eat them!

The other day Everett excitedly told me that he made a star after I picked him up from speech therapy. I asked him what color it was and he says: "no mom, it has sprinkles on it!" 

Haha, I totally knew what he meant when I took it out of his backpack!

Speech therapy is almost over for the school year and Everett is doing so good. He's really good at knowing how to write each letter, the sound it makes, and sometimes a word that starts with that letter. 

We have a meeting in a few days to see if he'll need more speech therapy next year. I actually kind-of like that he says things like hot gogs. He turns 4 in a few weeks and it's a little bit sad to me!

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