Thursday, June 12, 2014

15 Little Firecracker

Breckie is my little firecracker. 


I am so thankful that my kids are so opposite so that I can experience everything with these two kids and just sell all the baby stuff so we can be done having kids!

Breckie is 15 months now. 

She still pukes all of the time. It's awful. I honestly don't even know what to do with her!
She loves stuffed animals but dislikes her dolls. 
Hated taking bathes until we starting going to the swimming pool. 
Gives kisses… but only to Jake.
She likes playing with Everett's toys when he's not looking.
Her first word was "chase" (one of Everett's rescue bot toys).
Mostly grunts like Everett did.
Can clap her hands.

She's been pretty naughty lately and knows how to throw a pretty mean fit. 
I have a feeling she'll be the kid that colors on walls.
She knows how to go down the stairs (one her tummy/backwards).
Likes to run away when you tell her "I'm gonna get you…"
She's a good eater as long as she's not in one of her puke phases.
Likes cards, marbles, coins, legos, tape measures…
Loves to drink. All day long (water/milk)

She's brave and daring and I have a feeling she'll be a lot of fun. She hates when I follow her around the kiddie pool. She just wants to be big and swim. She falls under all of the time but she never gets scared. She's resilient. 

Oh, and we see this face a lot: