Sunday, June 22, 2014

Father's Day & Food

Jake's first love language is food. 

His second love language happens to be food, too. 

So for Father's Day we celebrated him by eating his favorite foods.

Breckie played a small part by begrudgingly painting her hands green and then wiping them on everything in sight. 

Everett, however, played no part in celebrating Dad… at all. Except for maybe stealing a few Oreos and shouting "happy birthday" when we showed Jake his gifts.

Actually, Everett did answer a few questions about his dad:

Jake really is an amazing dad. I'm not saying he'd survive a week as a stay-at-home dad… wait, no, actually he would because he'd hand out Oreos and take them out for pizza on a daily basis. All before noon. 

And that's why he's so great!

He spoils them. He spoils me. That's why we love him. (See #5 on Everett's questionnaire above!) And he's strikingly handsome. It's a win win for everyone. 

So to celebrate how much we love him and appreciate him, we made pistachio cake and gave him his favorites: mint double stuff Oreos, pickled things, tabasco, and a dirty diet coke kit (he is two steps away from being addicted). 

After we ate the cake we had some of Pioneer Woman's Dr. Pepper pulled pork sandwiches and green beans (another of Jake's favorites). 

But really though, we ate the sandwiches first… then the cake.

I couldn't stop eating the cake. I probably had 4 or more servings. I had another 4 servings for breakfast (at least!) and Jake joked that I better not eat all of his Oreos too. 

That's when I said something like:

I won't eat your Oreos because I know how many calories are in each cookie… but this cake, this cake doesn't have nutritional information so I can't stop eating it! 

So before he left for work he left this on top of the rest of the cake in the fridge:

I laughed so hard when I saw it. Honestly, he's the greatest!
(Now, as I post the recipe, I can see the nutritional info at the bottom of the recipe but it still wouldn't have stopped me from eating more than half of the cake! It's really, really, really good.)

I had fun celebrating Jake as a dad on Father's Day. He deserves so much more than he gets… but he has us so hopefully that makes up the difference :)

Happy Father's Day Jake!

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  1. I died at "love me long time" and "pages" LOL what a good gift!