Sunday, June 1, 2014

Little Baby Tee Pee

Last night I was going to post about this cool tee pee I made for our living room kids but then I got distracted by cjane and read the birth story of her baby girl, Iris. 

I was IN. LOVE. She made me want to have another baby... but just last week I wanted to donate all of our baby stuff! She must be a gooood writer :)

Anyways, I saw a play tee pee in a pottery barn catalogue a while ago and I knew I needed one! 

So I made this bad boy out of cactus sticks and a pair of white curtains. 

When cacti die, all that is left is their skeleton (looks like a bunch of sticks stuck in the ground… in the shape of a cactus). On a scout campout a few months ago Jake brought home 3 really long pieces of a dead cactus. They sat on the side of our house for a long time until one day he cut them all in half for me (I didn't even ask!).

That was all the motivation I needed to actually made this tee pee a reality. (Sewing is my least favorite "craft" because I have a really crappy sewing machine and something always goes wrong and I usually get SOOO frustrated). 

It actually came together rather quickly and easily. It was nice :)

It's pretty cute and fits perfectly in our living room. And the kids play in it too… mostly Jake and Breckie!

*of course it looks way better in real life… the pictures on my computer look great too but when I upload them they look all bad and dark and weird. Oh well. 


  1. You are so talented!

    So I read this persons blog just now cause you included the link and I thought she was CRAZY! hahahaha... first of all, all those dreams are creepy! how'd she know that stuff? haha

  2. I think it turned out perfectly! Super cute! When I have kids I might have to give you a call!!

  3. I think the pictures look great and the teepee is awesome! Did you know that google has an auto enhance setting? Some of my pictures were messing up when I uploaded and so I went in and turned that auto enhance off and problem solved. Anyway, just in case you didn't know and wanted to :)