Sunday, June 29, 2014

Seeing the Results

One time, on the 4th of July, my dad told me that I was a fast runner. He had just watched me sprint maybe 100 meters for a box of cracker jacks at the town park. I was 8 or 9 and from that moment on I believed I was a fast runner. 

I was ALWAYS the first girl to finish the mile run in PE every year and the first sport I ever participated in was cross country. My dad told me I was a fast runner so I believed him and that made me want to try even harder. 

Truth was, I was not a fast runner. In PE, all of the other girls ran the first lap (maybe) and then walked the rest. I was just the only girl that actually ran the mile.

In school, my favorite subject was PE. Then creative arts/foods/interior design etc…

I've just always loved hands on projects with physical results

When I was a junior in high school we had to take some test/survey that asked tons and tons of questions so it could help determine what type of career you might be interested in. The questions were like: "would you rather balance a checkbook or stain a deck" type of questions. 

I always chose the answer that involved actually seeing what you had accomplished at the end of the day. 

(I think my survey came back to say something like "laborer" or "landscaper" lol!) 

And that's okay! I like decorating my house, I like mowing the lawn (and dreaming about landscaping it!) I like taking pictures, I like physical fitness… because I can always see the work I've put into it. 

I've always loved fitness and working out. I'm the weirdo that likes it. I like working out until I am exhausted. Everyday I look forward to finding ways to stay in shape. It's a hobby of mine. 

For a long time I just worked out because I liked it. 

Then after Everett was born and I was dying for some adult interaction/time away from the baby/group classes I joined a gym. I loved the boot camp and cycle classes and always left totally drenched. It was the best. 

Over time I became stronger and in better shape than before pregnancy. I didn't think that was possible. 

After Breckie was born I KNEW I could get back into really great shape. I never doubted but I also knew that is would take some hard, hard work. 

I joined a gym but the child care was awful so I quit. Over the last few years I've been collecting workout equipment and had a pretty good selection to keep things going in the garage. It's hard to push yourself when it's just you… no music… no mirrors… no instructors… no competition… AND kids hanging out with you but I still try hard and I still enjoy it. 

I did join a different, smaller, more expensive gym where they have a pool and GREAT childcare two months ago but Breckie is that baby that just screams and cries (but hopefully she gets used to it soon)!

One advantage I have getting back into shape this time around is the knowledge of the nutritional side of athleticism. Going through a year of upset stomach/food sensitivities after Breckie was born was a good and bad thing. It forced me to read and research a lot about food and how your body works.

I'm still trying to fine tune what works for me and what my body can and can't handle, but I've made so much progress which feels great. (I STILL struggle with my sweet tooth though. It's bad. Like eating half the carton of ice cream in one night… and having the other half for breakfast!) People say that abs are made 70% in the kitchen and I whole-heartedly believe that now. Knowing how to eat makes a huge difference. You can't out train a bad diet… I just wish I didn't like ice cream and hot fudge and chocolate and cookies so much!!!

The other day I finally reached one of my goals of doing 5 real pull ups. I was pretty excited about that!  I also discovered that the shadows in our closet make my arms look pretty awesome. And that you can still get purple eyes and super sweaty all over even when you teach your own cycle class to yourself. It isn't nearly as fun though :)

I wouldn't necessarily say that I "have my body back" because my body after Everett and my body after Breckie are completely different. I couldn't go out and run a half marathon at anytime like I could before. But now I don't even desire that. I can lift more and I know how to build muscle now and I think that's one of the huge reasons why I love fitness and working out so much… because I get to see the results of my hard work!

P.S. I've never asked or encouraged my kids to "workout" with me. They just pick up the weights and do their own thing which I totally love. The first two pictures are of Everett doing his "switch-ups" (he totally made it up)

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