Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Regional ~ Scottsdale

Jake is a financial advisor with Edward Jones Investments and every June they have their regional awards banquet. Last year it was in Tucson and this year it was in Scottsdale. 

The resort was pretty sweet.

We decided to go a day early so we could hang out together as a family a little bit more. We got there late afternoon on Wednesday and went swimming first thing!

 We had a pretty good view of the sunset that night. 

That night was pretty awful. But I think Jake and I expected that since Breckie isn't much of a traveler. I finally fell asleep at 2 and then Breckie was up by 5:45 so I made Jake take her on a stroller ride while Everett and I slept. 

Then we went swimming of course! 

(Breckie knows that fishes live in the water!)

 Jake had been invited to a product partner lunch on Thursday with a few other advisors. It was at Tommy Bahama. 

I had never been there before but it is seriously my favorite restaurant now. I had some berry salmon salad that was amazing and I also had one of Jake's fish tacos. Fish tacos have always been one of my favorite things ever… but these… these were like heaven. Everett's chicken strips were to die for and even Breckie's macaroni and cheese was gourmet. (I had to try everything!). 

One of the other financial advisors only ate two of his three fish tacos and I almost asked him if I could have it!! I even had a dinner roll with some sort of whipped cinnamon butter and I almost died. SO GOOD!!

We had a welcome meeting that evening while the kids were in babysitting and then the families all had a buffet style dinner together. I had a really good salad and then like 45 cookies and 3 brownies. Go big or go home right?… or just have a massive, uncontrollable sweet tooth. 

The kids got to build Lego cars and then race them down the track. Everett's car was pretty sweet. 

Even Breckie played ate Legos. 

Our really great friends (and fellow financial advisors) told us that they put their baby crib in their hotel bathroom and then their baby sleeps great. So we stuck Breckie in the bathroom for the rest of the nights and naps and she slept great! It was like magic.

The next morning I woke up early and went for a run. I ran 2.5 miles in an attempt to run off a few of those cookies but I thought I was going to die the entire time because it was 4 billion degrees out already. 

Jake had meetings that day until noon and the kids went to babysitting while the spouses had a meeting. Jake got invited to lunch again. This time it was by the pool so we went swimming for hours afterwards and Jake got sunburned. 

The pool was awesome. It was HUUUUUGE! and there was a lazy river and watersides and even a flowrider but it was $45 an hour to ride it (it's like a surfing simulater thing you see on cruise commercials). 

We went back to our hotel and hung out while we got ready for dinner. 

I had salad and baked chicken so I could leave plenty of room for the apple pie and ice cream! I'm pathetic. 

That night they had a guy come and show the kids all of his really cool reptiles. There was a tortoise, chameleon, yellow frog, legless lizard and a bunch of other cool stuff. 

The next morning Breckie and I went for a long walk around town. I decided that it was just too hot to run. 

Jake had meetings until noon again and then was invited to lunch by the pool again. He's so awesome. 

We swam and ate and ate and swam all afternoon. 

That night was the awards banquet. We ate really good food and had really great company at our table. It was a really fun evening. (The kids were in babysitting that night).

Jake ended up getting 4 awards for his first year (2013). It was really great to see him get recognized for how hard he's worked. And really, I work just as hard at home. He works 12 hour days a lot of the time which means I do almost everything at home alone. Some days our kids don't even get to see Jake because of his work, church, and community responsibilities. We both work hard and it's nice to have these mini vacations to be recognized for it and spend time together.

But probably the very best part of him getting awards was that for one of the awards he tripped up the steps to the stage… not once, but twice! A double trip. Hilarious. Everyone was laughing so hard and it still makes me laugh a little to think about it. 

The next morning we had breakfast and then headed home. Well, we had breakfast and then went to pack the car and the battery was dead. Good thing we have friends who love us and helped us try to jump it and then ultimately drove us to buy a new battery. It took a solid two hours out of their day and we couldn't be more grateful for their help!

We had such a fun trip and I'm already looking forward to next year!

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  1. Yay for Jake! And for you. Because you're right, you DO work hard at home.