Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Adventure Mountain- Anniversary Trip

I fell in love with Jake for a million reasons but he gave me a million more over the weeks we apart. During that time he planned an anniversary trip to Mt. Hood in Oregon. 

My sister was getting married that weekend in Portland so we planned on going anyways… but he planned a days worth of fun things for just the two of us before the wedding weekend began. 

We got up early, left the kids sleeping at Grandma's house, and drove to Government Camp, Oregon. We passed through some of the most gorgeous towns I've ever seen. 

When we got to adventure mountain we signed up to do every fun thing imaginable. 

We did the zip line, bungee jumping, reverse bungee jumping, tarzan swing and free fall, rock climbing, three different types of go carts, downhill mountain biking, and the alpine slides. We seriously had a blast. 

I am SO confident that I married the perfect man for me. 

After a whole day of exhilarating adventures, we had some dinner at a little local Mexican-food-run-by-white-people joint where Jake had a "bumale" (burrito/tamale) lol!

We checked in to our hotel and rode bikes all around the golf course until it was too late and then went out to Dairy Queen. It was pretty much the most epic anniversary planned by Jake ever. 

I'm so glad we were able to get away and spend an entire day just to ourselves because living without him and being a 'single' mom all Summer almost killed me!

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