Monday, September 29, 2014

Bear Lake

After we were home for about 10 days we went camping. Just the four of us. We  drove up to the rim past Payson and camped near Bear Lake. 

It was gorgeous up there. Mountains and cooler temperatures and the same forests I remember camping in as a kid. It was perfect. 

We left on a Friday after Everett got out of school and it was getting pretty dark by the time we found a campsite… so we totally had to set up camp in the dark. We roasted some delicious brats by the fire (and Everett & Breckie had hot dogs… I'm really loving that Everett is eating, whoop whoop!!)

As soon as Everett ate his dinner he wanted to go to bed!

Everett went camping with Jake for the father/son campout a few months ago and Jake said he did the same thing… he just wanted to go to bed as soon as it got dark. We had to talk him into staying up long enough to make a s'more!

Breckie was a total nightmare… literally. She wouldn't sleep and other campsites were blaring music. It was a completely miserable night. 

3 of us were zombies the next day. Everett was perfect. Just perfect!

We had some pancakes, sausage, eggs and cheese. Oh, and hot chocolate. Half of camping is eating, right?!

After breakfast… you know, around 6 am, we headed to bear lake. 

Jake caught a few fish crawdads and Everett played in the dirt.

We rode the 4-wheelers for a bit. 

And then went for a hike around the lake.  

We didn't make it all of the way but the kids did really well. We saw some dark clouds rolling so we headed back to camp. 

The kids played in some giant mud puddles near camp and then…. BOOM… the loudest thunder I have EVER heard in my entire life. It was wild and so, so awesome. 

Jake and I decided that we would just pack up camp now before it rained. Everett played in the dirt while we packed up camp. 

We were about 15 minutes into our drive home and it started pouring down rain!

About an hour away from home we stopped and swam in the Salt River. 

It was absolutely gorgeous and Jake and I can't even think of one good reason we've never been?! It was still really hot and the water was the perfect temperature. The wild horses were pretty awesome too!

We had a lot of fun even though Breckie was a total punk and we were crazy tired. That's what memories are made of, right? I'm so glad we went and I'm looking forward to the next time we go camping!

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