Saturday, September 6, 2014

Carbonado Trail

The drive over to this entrance to Mt Rainier was gorgeous. 

I wanted to stop and take 400 pictures but there were 7 other people with me and I was sitting in the very back of the Expedition so this is the only picture from the drive I ended up with. 

We were stopped on this really cool bridge: (that I didn't take a picture of- I stole it off the internet).

There aren't many stroller-friendly hikes around so this was kind-of our best option. It was nice and shady with plenty of overgrowth. Those leaves are like the size of Breckie. 

Breckie wasn't happy…. because she was up allllll night, remember??

Once we reached the Carbon river we turned around and headed back to the car. Jake's flight was leaving in a few hours and we were trying to time everything right. On the way back to the parking lot there was a little turnoff trail the lead to an old mine. 

I left everyone behind and sprinted up the trail to see it. 

(I lied, apparently Breckie smiled once that day)

The mine shaft was pretty awesome. I think the history of the hike/road and driving through the old logging town were the highlights of this trial. 

About two hours later we dropped Jake off at the airport. 

I told Everett that Dad had to go to work for a LONG, LONG, LONG time but that he would come back to WA and then we'd all fly home together. 

On the way home Breckie's bottle spilled on my phone (the one that Jake JUST replace the broken screen on) and it totally destroyed my phone. Completely died. Not coming back to life. Ever. 

And then the real "trip" began. 

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