Monday, September 22, 2014

Cliff Jumping- Alder Lake

Who knew we'd do more fun stuff in one week than we did in all 5 years of living in WA??

The very next day after climbing to Camp Muir we all went to the Lake and brought two canoes. 

The kids stayed with Grandma and Mariah at the swimming/beach area and the rest of us paddled out to jump off some rocks.

This little cove was so pretty. I felt like I was in Hawaii or something. 

Jake was brave and took the first dive. 

Followed by Karl (his dad), Kaydra (niece), April (sister), and then me (wife, lol). 

We had so much fun jumping and taking pictures and slo-mo videos; it was a blast. 

We canoed back and had a picnic dinner. 

Before we loaded up the canoes Everett really wanted to go for a ride. He loved it. Breckie was extra mad she couldn't go!

We had such a fun day at the lake and I was so so so glad this trip was ending with so much fun. We just needed Jake!!

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