Friday, September 5, 2014

Color In Flight

We went to WA for a couple of reasons. First, Jake was getting flown to WA to help a friend with the Color in Motion 5K  race in Tacoma, WA (July 12th). He was also getting paid so I thought that we could just buy two more tickets with that money and we'd get to see family and friends and escape the AZ heat for a week. 

My sister was also getting married in Portland Oregon (in August) and we had planned to fly the 4 of us to WA and then leave the kids with their grandparents while Jake and I drove to OR for the wedding. 

Jake's mom asked if we could leave Everett with her for the Summer in-between our trips to WA. It sounded like a good idea for about a minute but he's just too young. So then I kind-of volunteered to stay in Washington with both kids so that we could spend time with all of Jake's family and enjoy the beautiful pacific northwest for the Summer. Plus that meant we wouldn't have to fly twice. 

We left July 9th.

The plane ride was a beast. 

Actually it was Breckie that was the beast. Jake wrestled with her most of the time. When we had about 40 minutes left of the flight I took her… just in time for her to puke all over me. 

The worst part is that Jake came prepared for her to puke (because she is a professional at this point) and we just couldn't get the bag open in time. I smelled like rotten parmesan cheese for the remainder of the trip. 

The very next morning Jake left so that he could help get things ready for the race. I didn't even see him again until the morning of the 5K two days later. 

 The race was pretty fun. For some reason it was really, really hot (for WA standards) and it was only the beginning of a Summer long heat wave.

After the race I showered and then went to Jake's cousin's wife's baby shower with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. They had 8 week premature twins. One boy (Oden) and one girl (Emma). 

When we got home (and when Jake finally got home) we went to the Rainier Baseball game. 

Jake and I got home around midnight. Breckie woke up at 1 am and screamed and cried and threw up and was feverish. Jake and I and my mother-in-law did everything possible to make her feel better. Finally Jake and I just had to take her on a car ride at 4 am. 

We went to Walmart.

And bought old fashioned donuts. 

And beef jerky.

We finally got to sleep from about 7 till 10 am. Jake was flying back to AZ that night so we tried to make the most of his last day with us. We went on a short hike/walk. 

The drive to this hike was so gorgeous. I hadn't forgotten how beautiful Washington is but I was extra blown away that day. Everything was so green and lush and picture perfect. 

A little part of me was jealous that I used to live there!

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