Saturday, September 27, 2014

Family Pictures & Coming HOME

The last few days of our trip were probably not the best… although we did get some pretty awesome family pictures. 

Breckie got sick the moment we got back from Portland. She was up all night again, fevers and puking etc. 

By Tuesday she seemed to be mostly better which was good because we were flying home the next day. 

4 (out of 5) of Jakes sisters live in WA and the one that didn't came for a visit (with her husband) so we planned on doing a big, huge, giant family picture. 

It was crazy town. 

Luckily we got a few of just the four of us before the real craziness began. 

These are definitely the best two family pictures :)

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE these next two!

Amber's family...

Megan's family and Mariah's family...

And then the whole family...

I'm so glad we were able go get a good picture of everyone! 

We said our goodbyes and then the next day we endured another long flight of passing the puking baby back and forth and just praying we'd all survive. We finally made it. Back to the hot hot sun and I couldn't have been happier!

Except that Breckie screamed the hour ride home. 

Luckily Jake had lots of surprises waiting for me at home!! I was SO happy to be back!

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