Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fire & Rescue Wrong Theater

Right around 4 weeks is when Everett started asking to go home. 

He was having a good time but he missed home too. So one day I took him out to see Planes 2 and left the puker with Grandma :)

We stopped by the gas station and I let him pick out two candies to eat during the movie. He loved me so much!

We got to the theater, bought our tickets, and then went to see the movie...

…only we sat in the wrong theater!!! We sat in the theater RIGHT NEXT to this poster. After a few previews Everett looked at me and said they were scary (and they were). I was so confused. 

I finally asked the guy behind us what movie this was… it was Godzilla. 

So we ran out and found the right theater which was down an entirely different hallway. So we missed the first 25 minutes of a hour and twenty minute movie. But it was still really good. And Everett loved it. 

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