Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Is The Worst

Jake left on a Monday and we didn't do anything until Friday.

It took a lot of days of trial and error to find some sort of "routine" for the kids. It didn't get dark there until 9:30+ and Breckie was used to going to bed around 7 in AZ so she was all messed up. I was putting her to bed and she was waking a few hours later confused because she went to bed when it was light out.  After a few days I finally managed to get her to take a morning AND an afternoon nap and then both kids went to bed around 10:30-11.

I knew being an 'only parent' would be difficult while Jake was gone, but adding 4 hours onto my day with absolutely NO alone time (or a computer or phone) wasn't factored into my idea of "difficult." The first 12 days in WA were a major struggle for me.

Jake's parents live on a couple of acres out in the woods on a mile long dirt road. 10 minutes to the nearest gas station, 15 minutes to the grocery store and 30 minutes to the nearest anything else. They have an above-ground pool, trampoline, huge yard, tree swing, a dog and a cat, a patio, chickens, and some toys.

Too bad those things can't keep two kids busy all day everyday for an entire Summer. We were running out of things to do FAST.

For the first time I looked at a calendar and realized that this trip to Washington was going to be 8 weeks. For the life of me I can't even think of WHY I hadn't looked at a calendar until now. For some reason I just assumed it was 6 weeks total and that Jake would be there the first and last weeks so that left me with 4 weeks of single-parenthood.

I had no idea that Jake wouldn't even be with us the first week so when I realized that it was 8 weeks total I kind-of wanted to die.

At one point I called Jake and just cried. I was so mad at myself for thinking it would be easier or more fun.

So on that Friday we went to go see friends. The kids played and then we went to the park and ate pizza. Best choice I'd made in a long time. (I would have taken pictures but my phone was forever dead.)  When it was getting late we stopped by one of those yogurt places. Everett had a little bit of frozen yogurt with his sprinkles and nerds and I mostly ate chocolate toppings covered in hot fudge… because that's the best part of going to one of those places, right?

On Sunday we went to church. Well, it was more like a semi-silent wrestling match with my kids and gold fish while I was wearing a skirt. It was also really cold that day. Like in the 50's. And I was so grumpy. There was no way I was going to last all Summer. It was cloudy and rainy and cold and exactly how I remembered Washington and I wanted to go home. Luckily I ran into an old friend's mom at church and she said her daughter would love to hang out with us.

Since I didn't have a phone or any phone numbers memorized I Facebooked that old friend and made plans to go on a hike the very next day. I borrowed a hiking backpack from another friend and the next morning we went on a hike to Narada Falls. I'm pretty sure I would have been on the next plane home if we hadn't gone hiking that day!

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  1. It's always so much harder than you think its going to be. I pretty much am DEAD after three weeks so for eight weeks. . . you're a super woman. The problem is, there are people who can help, but the kids only want YOU for all the hard stuff like diaper changes, and baths, and feeding them and getting ready for bed and when they wake up super early. And you could ask for help with all that hard stuff but its not the fun stuff so you feel like an inconvenience. And you just want your husband there so you can hand over the poopy toddler and say "I'M DONE." So I feel your pain. But you stuck it out. Good for you.