Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jumping In The Rain

One huge reason I decided to stay in Washington for the Summer was to be able to go outside without melting. Arizona Summers are just SO hot!

Well, Washington had it's hottest Summer in like 400 years. 

But on Wednesday, the two week anniversary of us being there, it RAINED.

Everett and I went out on the trampoline and had a blast. 

It was cold and we were soaked, but it was a nice break from the heat. We slid across the trampoline… and rolled and jumped and bounced and did all the tricks we could imagine. We seriously had such a good time. 

After about two hours we went inside to warm up and Everett wanted hot cocoa!

Later that day my new phone came in the mail. Once I got it activated and my apps and contacts were restored I felt like a real person again!

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