Monday, September 8, 2014

Narada Falls

Monday morning we went on a hike to Narada Falls. 

Narada Falls is in Mt. Rainier National Park which is about an hour and 20 minute drive from my in-laws. The ENTIRE drive is like a vacation in itself because it's absolutely gorgeous. Just think of the most beautiful mountain landscape you can imagine with beautiful blue skies and that was it. 

This trail was really cool because you actually start by hiking down. Everett and his friend Gannon were having a great time running down the trail and being crazy.

When we got to the bottom we crossed a little bridge and then threw rocks into the water. 

On the hike back up to the waterfall Everett got tired, so I carried him too. I carried up 65 lbs of kids. It was a workout for sure!

It was so nice to get out and see this beautiful waterfall and talk with friends. On the way home we made two stops. 

The first stop was to see all of these metal welded sculptures:

It was so cool just to walk around this guy's property and check out his creations. 

The second stop we made was at a little town called Elbe. There were old train cars that were turned into restaurants and 'hotels'

It was pretty cool. 

It was SO nice to get out and enjoy things about Washington that are absolutely beautiful and perfect and don't exist in AZ. The kids were pretty good and I was grateful that we had such a great day… especially after so many bad ones. 

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  1. Hey I just went to Narada falls too! :) Those art pieces are cool, I saw them on the drive home- maybe we'll go see them.