Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tayne And Lucy Get Married

Friday morning we drove from Government Camp to Portland to pick up my mom from the airport. 

We purposely didn't eat breakfast (first time in my life!) so that we could go to the Waffle Window in Portland. Best decision of my life… other than marrying Jake. 

The Waffle Window is honestly my favorite window on the face of this Earth. 

Say what?! YES. This waffle is called 'The Dark Secret' and it's a whole lot of awesomeness. First of all it's dunked in chocolate… then a scoop of salted caramel ice cream, more chocolate, lava salt, and fresh whip cream top it off. Best waffle of my life. Actually, they're all the best waffles of my life. Obsessed. 

I'm pretty sure we allowed my mom to get obsessed as well. There is nothing not to love about the Waffle Window. 

We took some celebratory pictures of our waffle babies. 

After we were each stuffed and borderline diabetic, we found our way to the hotel… after a few detours and wrong turns. Who knew there would be two Marriotts a quarter mile apart but wildly different directions to get to each one??

But Jake managed to get us there in time to change and then navigate our way to the backyard garden rehearsal dinner.

We were all just hanging out, eating food and talking. A lot of people came a long ways to be there to celebrate Tayne and Lucy. England, Maine, Colorado, Arizona, California...

Then, we were all asked to gather on the back porch for a surprise. I think we were all waiting for someone to walk out of the backdoor or something because all of a sudden we turned around and they were in the yard about to say their vows! Quite the surprise since the wedding was supposed to be the next day.

I definitely cried through their vows. Tayne and Lucy love each other so much and they are so perfect for each other and you couldn't help but cry!

Then we are lots more good food and met new friends and heard great stories and had a great night. 

When it got late, and we were about to leave, they brought out dessert so I just had to stay a little longer!

Earlier that evening I found this hilarious note that was left on the typewriter in their house (from one of their roommates mom) lol. 

And I also found this magnet on their fridge that helps explain why my sister (Montana) goes by Tayne. I think the story goes that she was farming with a bunch or people and they just started calling her Farmer Jane (and we used to call her "Tana") so I think it just kind-of became Tayne. But I'm not totally sure... but it doesn't even matter to me that much because she can go by whatever she wants and she'll still be the coolest person in the world to me. 

And from that day on she'll be known as Tayne Reeve :)

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