Friday, September 26, 2014

Tayne & Lucy's Reception

Saturday morning went like this:

Downtown, clouds, rain, downpour, smeared mascara, I don't care, lets get Waffle Window. 

It NEVER gets old. And just for the record, we had already eaten continental breakfast at the hotel AND we filled an entire 10-punch punchcard at the Waffle Window AND 4 of those waffles were the Dark Secret. No joke. 

We walked around town for a bit and then got ready for the "wedding" which was really just going to be one big celebration minus the vows since they technically got married the evening before. 

I am beyond grateful that they got married the evening before because we were AN HOUR late to the reception. We got lost twice and even prior to that my mom's curling iron exploded (for real) and I almost died. True story. Glad I'm alive. 

Their reception was at a gorgeous Rhododendron garden in Portland. 

Our classic butt shot. We have at least twenty throughout the years. 

We played lots of lawn games, took a lot of pictures, hung out and talked with other guests, ate, danced, cried like a baby when I decided to take the microphone and tell Tayne just how much I love her, and when it got dark we packed up and called it a night. 

We had a great time and I'm just so happy for Tayne and Lucy. I know they'll have the happiest life together and I'm so glad we could be there to celebrate with them… even if we were an hour late!

Congratulations Tayne and Lucy. You are two of my most favorite people in the whole world. You are both so kind, loving, generous, beautiful, hilarious, and crazy smart. I miss you already; hopefully we can see each other soon! 

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  1. 1. cute dress
    2. You made me want waffle window so bad and I just realized we are going to Vancouver tomorrow (like 20 mins from there) and now I REALLY hope I can try that chocolate waffle tomorrow. Unfortunately I was preg last time I ate the vegetable-y bacon waffle and associate that with feeling sick so I'm going to have to stick to just dessert ones (oh darn)