Friday, September 19, 2014

The Countdown

One was it was 101 degrees. I'm pretty sure that's equivalent to 120 in AZ. 

Breckie learned to blow bubbles with Aunt Mariah. 

Breckie and Everett fought over the last blueberries from the garden. 
I read a few books to keep me distracted that I still had 3 weeks until I could go home.  

 Jake sent an anniversary present. He made me a coupon book of all the things I'd been telling him I'd wanted to do. My love for him quadrupled while we were gone. 
Nova (the dog) was Everett's best friend all summer. 

One day we went to the splash pad and I let the kids eat junk. I was shutting down. Counting down the days until Jake would be flying in. 

Came to the conclusion that even the funnest fun day wouldn't be fun without Jake. 

I wanted to go home. 

Luckily Jake moved his flight up 5 days because I couldn't handle it anymore. He's the best man for my heart. 

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