Monday, September 15, 2014

The Smart Thing

I still can't decide if this trip was more awesome than awful or trip than torture but we definitely experienced at least a little of everything.  

One day we went to the splash pad with friends. By the time I got everything packed and ready and the kids in the car I was ready to go home, lol. And then once we got there the kids were punks and it was literally SO FREAKING HOT I might as well have been in AZ. 

A few days later it was Sunday again… you know, the day when there's a tsunami in your lap and a super whiny kid trying to lay their head in your lap too and you just want to die. 

And then the tsunami poops and there's a sign in the bathroom that says "take your dirty diapers out to the dumpster" so you hoof it out to the dumpster… and you just stay out there for the next two hours because that's actually the smart thing to do. 

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