Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wild Waves

One of Jake's sisters (he has 5) has season passes to Wild Waves and let us use her buddy passes one day. 

There were lots and lots of rides. We went on one that was maybe a little bit too wild for Everett when we first got there so for the rest of the time he just wanted to stay on the fair-type rides. He wouldn't even make his airplane go up and down. I felt to bad that the first ride scared him so bad!

But he was SUPER happy to be riding the little kid rides. 

I even got to go on a roller coaster twice. It was fantastic. I SOOOO wished Jake could have been there and we would have left the kids at home. There were so many cool, crazy, wild rides to go on! Later when it was pretty warm we played in the water. 

The kids were having a blast. We ended up going in the wave pool and Everett was in heaven. He love every second of it. 

I'm so glad we were able to go and have so much fun… even though it was pretty nasty when there was poop in the wave pool. That's when we went home!

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