Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back To Regular Life

For the past two weeks Everett has been on Fall break… so he only made it to about 10 days of school so far this school year. He loves school and keeps asking if it's 'school day'.

Breckie is Breckie. 

Everett has been bringing his puppy dog everywhere… even to church and on scooter rides!

Everett went to his friends birthday party and we bought this Spider Man costume… Jake wanted to try it on Breckie first, lol. 

I went mountain biking one Saturday morning and was SO SO SO happy to be back!!

We went to the zoo one day. It was hot hot hot. 
When Breckie sees this picture she says "monkey" :)

Our zoo friends. Aaaaaaaand I'm pretty sure that's Breckie peeing in the splash pad water. 

Everett (unhappily) got a hair cut. Jake brought me home brownies for enduring the torture!

The Smith's had us over for a slip n slide last Saturday. Everett, unprompted, yelled out "this is the best day, EVER!"On the bike ride home we got caught in a monsoon. It was crazy. 

And Breckie is just Breckie. Totally awesome, wild, crazy, naughty, sweet, nap fighter, good eater, kind-of growing some hair, Breckie. 

And it's finally starting to cool off a little bit. And it's like Heaven!


  1. That picture of her in the spider man costume is HILARIOUS.

  2. Oh she is TOTALLY peeing in the water. High five Breckie, keep it classy. ;)