Monday, October 20, 2014

Breckie Lately

Most of these pictures don't even require words or explanations… they're just Breckie. 

She's wants to do EVERYTHING Everett does. If I tell Everett to go and put his shoes on for school she'll run to the closet and try and get her shoes on. When we ride scooters she wants to ride too. 

She is sassy. 

She tried on a little eye liner. 

She REALLY wants to do everything we do...

She's pretty much grown out of all of her clothes so she's naked or just diapered most of the time. She pooped in the kid potty once but the big potty is scary and dangerous. We're still far away from being potty trained. She likes to rub food all over herself and in her hair. 

She is naughty. 

She still has a mullet but it's growing… I tortured her and put her hair in pigtails once. They lasted 7 minutes. 

She tells me NO all the time. Loves stuffed animals and blankets. Repeats everything we say. Is totally adorable and we love her guts!

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