Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Everett Lately

Everett likes electronics but I'd like for him to play outside… his favorite thing to do in our backyard is play in the mud/dirt. 

So one day I made him a sandbox. It's been nice :)

He's been pretty mean to Breckie… see bottom right...
I hate it. He's usually mean to her when she wants to play with him and his toys but he doesn't want her to. And, of course, there is the random push or trip or hit or squeeze when he thinks I'm not looking. 

He loves legos. 

He is being SO bad at eating food right now. Most nights I have to gear up (mentally) for a battle. So at this point I'm just trying my best to get anything in him besides cereal, tortillas and crackers. He's done this before and hopefully he gets sick of it soon and starts eating a wider variety again. The other day we made pumpkin roll and he really liked that! (It's one of my all time favorites). 

Eating out with Everett and Breckie is like signing yourself up for highway clean up or something. It's ridiculous. On Saturday we had a family outing and we were ready to just leave Everett there!! (I was pretending to take a picture of Everett but really I was taking a picture of those two old guys out for a lunch date. Adorable!)

He is doing really well at school and loves it. He is doing amazing at playing with other kids at the park and making friends. It makes me extra happy because he's been shy for a long time so this is a big deal. And now that he is almost communicating like a typical 4 year old (still maybe slightly behind) it is easier for him to play and make friends. 

He is becoming more independent. He insists on pushing the shopping cart, loading groceries, and REFUSES to let me help bring them in the house. It is so cute!

Don't judge me!! 7 boxes of lucky charms and funfetti does a body good… lol!

Looking back through the years and remembering all of the hard, challenging times and years full of worry, I feel like Everett is in a really good place… I just need to get him to eat food!

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  1. Something that we tried for our daughter who is four, and was a super picky eater I mean she would only ear Mac and cheese, Nutella sandwich, cheese, cheerios or spaghetti o's is that we started out with just one bite. All she had to do was eat one bite, and then she could eat whatever she wanted. We upped it to 1 bite of three different things, and then four bites since she is four. Don't get me wrong it was a process, and at first she would scream and cry and tell us how awful we were, but now she eats what everyone else is eating. We would reward her whether it was with a treat, getting to watch a show or whatever, but make sure you set a timer because at the beginning we had it take her 2 hours to eat one bite! I hope this gives you a few ideas. Having a picky eater is no fun at all!