Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Morning Shenanigans

This morning included Breckie cleaning the bathroom…

I mean washing her hands. And the mirror. 

And giving me the stare down while soaping up the counter. 

And then she completely flooded the sink and counter which is how she I ended up cleaning the floors too. 

And about an hour before this she and Everett had bagels… with frosting and sprinkles. That was AFTER they already had Lucky Charms and Breckie picked out and ate only the marshmallows. 

According to Everett that makes me #1 mom. 

And the other reason I know I'm #1 mom is because I had to take a picture of Breckie with the bucket stuck around her neck when they were playing in the sandbox... AFTER she was bathed and clean, of course!

The best part is that everything was Breckie's idea. The sick (she pumped her own soap/turned on her own water), the bagels and frosting, and the bucket around her neck. She came to the door crying and I kept hearing her cry echoing in a bucket and wondered what she was doing.

 Now that I think about it I'm actually not sure if the bucket was her idea or Everett's…

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