Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Festivities

Our Halloween festivities officially started when we got "boo-ed"

Somebody left that note, the spider, and a plate of cookies on our doorstep and ran away before we could open it!

We had 24 hours to boo someone else so we made a bat and a plate of cookies and boo-ed our neighbors. Everett LOVED knocking on the door and then running away (while yelling "ahhhhhhh") and then hiding out and watching them open the door. It was priceless. 

We made a few Halloween crafts at home and Everett made several at school. We tried a new caramel apple recipe was it was an epic fail. The caramel was like a Werther's Original candy. SOOO hard! 

The kids helped me make Halloween pizzas. 

I made 3 pumpkin pies and two pumpkin rolls… and we ate them all last week. I made them out of a real pumpkin too! We also carved pumpkins last week. 

The Trunk-or-Treat was last Friday night. Jake and Everett were ninja turtles (Jake made their costumes and their shells were awesome) and Breckie and I were Minnie Mouse. 

I made our costumes out of an old shirt, bought two $5 necklaces and $2 spool of ribbon… luckily we had everything else so it was a pretty cheep Halloween!

The kids loved Trunk-or-Treat and loved sorting out their candy…

…and Jake put some on ice and ate it that night. (It was so hot that all the chocolate was melted). 

Luckily we'd go trick or treating a week later to replenish their candy supply...

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