Saturday, October 18, 2014

Phoenix Temple Open House

The weekend after my birthday we took the youth to the Phoenix temple open house. 

The coolest parts of this temple are the oval rooms and the fact that it's super close to my dad and Kelly. I'm glad we were able to go! After the open house we took the youth to see Meet The Mormons. SUCH a good movie/documentary. I absolutely loved it. 

I'm so glad I'm a mormon and so happy to see so many temples being built. I'm especially glad that the Gilbert temple is so close to us because it's definitely my favorite… although the Mesa temple is pretty fantastic too.  

I've been working on my family history a lot lately, too (which is always exciting for me) and so I've been able to do temple work for family names. It's actually so satisfying to find missing people on my family tree. How old am I, lol!!

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