Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunrise To Sunset

I like riding bikes. I always have. 

For my birthday Jake got me a road bike. I've been so excited to get out and ride it but I don't know enough to just go ride it on the road in traffic by myself. So Saturday morning I got up early and went for a ride before it got too hot and there wasn't much traffic. 

I actually made Jake get up too because I couldn't figure out how to air up the tires! I was out early enough to watch the sunrise. 

I've always been terrified of having my foot clipped into the pedal because what if I needed my foot??! So I spend a good part of the ride clipping in and out so that I wouldn't fall down at a stop sign. So I came to a stop sign with my foot unclipped already and safely put it on the curb. Then I turn my head to the left to look at the sunrise… and BAM! Next thing I know I'm falling to my left. Hopefully I get used to them pretty quickly!

But I survived my first ride. Then I got invited to ride with two other couple that afternoon. We left at 4:30 and rode up by the San Tan National Park. It was fantastic. It was absolutely beautiful. The sun was setting behind the mountains and the silhouette of the cactus… total Arizona beauty! And it was warm and perfect and I can't wait to do it again. 

We got back at 6:00… just in time to shower and go out to dinner. So we went with those two other couples to the Olive Mill and sat outside under the string lights. We had a really great time and I finally feel like I'm starting to fill that space in my life that was previously filled with running half marathons with my gym friends. And it feels really, really good!

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