Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vertuccio Farms

I debated for two weeks whether or not I'd take the kids to a pumpkin patch/farm. I finally decided just to do it. 

In Washington you go to the farm and play and do everything for free (except the corn maze usually) and then you pay a boat load for the pumpkin or whatever else you buy (we always got fudge). But here you pay just to get into the farm… this is exactly how I feel about that:

But yesterday was the last "toddler tuesday" where it's half price for parents and kids under 5. So it only cost $9. (The farm by our house is $17 per person!!) The line was over 20 minutes just to get in. And then we waited for the cow train. 

The cow train was actually pretty awesome. 

Breckie loved looking at the animals and Everett loved playing on the toys/activities. 

There was a bounce house that Everett liked and then this HUGE "air pillow" kept him 100% happy for over 20 minutes. It was really fun and adorable to see how much fun Everett had on it. He was super red in the face and sweat was running down his face when he was done. 

The farm was pretty cute. The don't grow the pumpkins here though… they grow them in Duncan and truck them in. 

It was about 10:45 and was getting pretty hot already. So we decided to ride the other train before leaving. This train took us through the corn field and the citrus orchard. 

We only did about half of the things there but we were ready to go. It was pretty warm and the kids were both tired of being in the sun and Everett was sweaty from jumping… so we headed to the car. On the way out Everett decided to go down the tube slides a few more times. 

He LOVED those and it was so hilarious because he would "woo hoo" all the way down and he's just so loud that he made everyone laugh. 

Both of the kids were super good and I'm sure we'll be back next year… on toddler tuesday since that's the only day that makes financial sense!

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