Saturday, November 1, 2014

Argh Halloween! (squeek-squeek)

Some people don't like Halloween (which to totally cool) but we like it so we always have a good time. 

When I told Everett that he got to dress up again and wear his costume to school on Halloween he was a little confused: "we already had Halloween" (trunk-or-treat). So I told him it's like we get two Halloweens this year so he said he wanted to be a pirate … since ninja turtles are sooooo last week. 

Pirate want a cracker??

He even showed me his nasty pirate teeth...

He wore his costume to school yesterday and loved it. There was another little girl in his class that was a pirate too!

Breckie had no choice… I just made her minnie mouse and she didn't seem to mind. 

I feel like I'd pay a hundred dollars to get this picture in focus! She makes this face all of the time and I love it!!

She makes these faces a lot too. 

I forgot to draw on the nose and wiskers… I'm really wishing I had remembered now!

We had a GREAT Halloween. We were invited to a Halloween dinner with all kinds of genius halloween themed foods, had a neighborhood bonfire and passed out candy, and went trick-or-treating with friends. 

Both kids were super good all night and we had a great time. Everett and Breckie both loved knocking on doors and getting candy and meeting new neighbors. Plus it was nice and warm out! I'm kind-of excited to see what the kids want to be for Halloween next year...

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