Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bailey's Presents

Everett was invited to Bailey's birthday party. Bailey is a little girl in his preschool class. For two weeks he asked if today was Bailey's birthday. 

He picked out some "girly legos" for her and some mini M&M's. He helped me wrap her presents and make a card for her. 

Her party was from 1-3 and is was HOT. There was a bounce house and a playground and about 10 kids so Everett had a great time. Plus there were oreos and cupcakes… the best part of birthdays!

When Bailey was opening her presents Everett stood right next to her the whole time and announced that he got her legos and M&M's at least three times before she even opened his gift! He is so cute and loves birthdays so much and it was hilarious that he gave away her surprise so many times. 

I should probably make sure I throw him a party this year and teach him about NOT spoiling the surprise of giving gifts!

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