Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beautiful Desert

My parents have been divorced for all but two years of my life so we spent a lot of time in the car traveling between Arizona and Colorado. It seemed like most of the drive was through New Mexico… the land of enchantment. 

That's such a courteous name for "land of the tumbleweed" or "desolation" or maybe even "brown town" but still, some people find the beauty there. 

And my Dad was one of those people. We would often hear him say how beautiful he thought it was and wonder if either he needed glasses or there was something we were missing. But over time I have fallen in love with the desert and I appreciate it's unique beauty. 

In fact, every time I go mountain biking I have to stop to take it all in. This was at sunrise a few days ago and all I had was my iPhone. 

I always have a great time when I'm out on a bike but this time it turned into a spiritual experience. There is just something about being in the mountains and watching the sun rise. 

The following morning I was running through the fields behind our neighborhood and found a single, wild sunflower. 

A little reminder that if we look close enough we can find the beauty and I'm glad my Dad taught us the see the beauty in everything. 

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